Too Young to be Married : Good or Bad?

 People in this world have a life cycle like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. However different, the human life cycle is longer than the life cycle of butterfly. Starting from the womb, birth, toddlers, starting school, adolescence, adulthood, work, marriage, family, grow old, and die. But in this era, marriage is a highlight in the people life cycle. Marriage is something that is necessary and important. All the people in the world would want to married and happy life. but certainly not easy to build up a family.

Marriage‘s age is one of the factor to build a happy family, even though it is relative. There is people who want to marry young and there is also wish to marry up later. Young marriage made an issue in the community and it has become a paradigm  its own. In the discussion of this text will talk about the pros and cons of a young marriage.
For those who agree, young marriage has a positife side. First, many people assume that a young marriage will make the condition of the household will happy, because they have adapted to the new family since young, so in the future, the family will be more arranged.
And than, with a young marriage, give a short distance between the child’s age and the age of their parents. So, the children will be comfortable and connected while talking, hang out, or other activities.
In addition, in the medical side, a young marriage at the age of under 29-30 years would be good to have child. Because at young age,  women in a good  physical condition and healthy, so can give birth easily. However, when pregnant women first time over 30 yearsold, belonging to the womb of the mother prone unsafe and difficult to bear.
But of course, there are people who disagree with a young marriage. For people who do not agree, first, the psychic, married too young is not good to build a family, because younger age (17-18 years) would still relies unstable. Their thounghts are not as mature as people who married at  mature age. Of course, in certain objec, they can not cope or make decisions and will not surprised if later will be more problem and endless with divorce.
Besides, most people think that young age is time for career, not to married. Because for them, career is important for continuity of their later new family. Financial matters are very important in a family. If the career is well, it can be considered safe to married.
Another assumption, that young marriage will increase the burden of their parents. As most who marry young are still involved and live with their parents. Their thingking for independent living is still far away. And this happened either in urban or in villages area.
And then, if married young and have children, for example, married at the age of 17 years, their ability to educate their children are still lacking, so that could be going wrong educated.
Nevertheless, all of the pros and cons about the good or bad these young marriage needs to be returned to the private individual, because everything is relative and nothing is absolute. It is up to each individual to marry young or not. But, of course we all have to take the good and the best time to marry.

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